Who is Pat Flynn & How Does He Make Over $1.000.000 Per Year From His Blog?

By | June 10, 2017

“One million dollars” sounds good!

“One million dollars per year” sounds great!

One point seven million dollars in one year earned by one person is remarkable and inspiring, and it’s hard to imagine how it sounds! Today we are going to be avoiding “never count someone else’s money” advice and learning from Pat Flynn’s outstanding experience. And let’s start with…

…his blog. At any moment you can visit smartpassiveincome.com and at the top of the page you will see something like this:

monthly income pat flynn smart passive income

Hm, what is that? What does it mean? Is it $102k per year?

Undoubtedly, it catches our attention. This number, modestly lurking in the right part of the header, is the most attractive part of his blog. So, let’s mouse over it and see what happens!

monthly income pat flynn

Yeah! I like income reports! You like income reports! Everyone likes to count someone else’s money! So, let’s click this enticing green button and see what happens:


Wow, $1,764,106.36 in one year sounds really great! It’s $4,833 per day or over $200 per every hour of the day, for 365 straight days!

“Don’t be jealous, Alex!”, you might say.

I’m not jealous! I establish myself as an online researcher, and my mission is to put you in touch with these remarkable people so you can learn from them.

Where does this money come from? Finding out the answer doesn’t require a lot of effort, but we must learn a little bit about Pat’s background in order to understand what prompted his entrepreneurial journey. Because the most difficult part of success is… what? How to you think? Failure? Planning? Persistence? Getting up at 5 am?

The most difficult is… to get started!

So, who is Pat Flynn, and what motivated him?

As Wikipedia states,

Pat Flynn is an American entrepreneur, blogger and podcaster known for his website Smart skyscrapperPassive Income, where he conducts income experiments and shares the results.

Pat worked as an architect. As far as I know, it’s a very promising profession, nevertheless, like many Americans, he lost his job during the economic downturn. Pat created a WordPress blog and started sharing his notes while studying a special type of architecture qualification called the LEED exam. I don’t have a clue what it means, but that blog started receiving good amounts of traffic.

“How to pass the LEED exam?” – this is what his visitors were interested in. Pat published an ebook and made $8,000 in his first month selling that ebook.

He realized that everyone can make money online by creating a blog, sharing his knowledge, attracting visitors and selling some sort of stuff to them.

Pat Flynn created another website for security guard training, and then another website.

Having succeeded in building niche websites, Pat gave birth to his legendary Smart Passive Income Blog and started teaching people how to do what he already have done – how to succeed in making money online.

Pat Flynn has already published hundreds of super valuable blog posts and created hundreds of podcasts. He does provide value!

No wonder that many more people are interested in making money than in passing the LEED exam.

In a few words, today Pat Flynn is an incredibly successful affiliate marketer, who makes money by promoting other people’s stuff.

What stuff?

Fortunately for us, he publishes income reports every single month and explains all about his earnings.

Let’s take a look at his last April 2017 Monthly Income Report. Pat was blessed to make $102,915.99 (wow!). Most of his income comes from promoting other people’s stuff:

pat flynn income

As you see, most of his affiliate income comes from Bluehost affiliate program. What do we know about Bluehost?

Bluehost is the most known web hosting company in the world powering over two million websites. It’s not the fastest though (this one is the fastest, btw). It pays $65 per 1 customer. But if you can generate regularly a larger number of sales per month, you can contact them and discuss a custom offer.

It’s a web hosting industry standard to pay up to $150-200 per one customer. So, we can assume, that Pat makes around $150 per 1 customer and refer about 5-7 customers per day. Hm, not a big deal, right?

What’s next?

ConvertKit affiliate program made him $13,000. What’s that? ConvertKit is a great tool for building your e-mail list. Pat Flynn is a smart guy. He knows that everyone uses Aweber today. So, it’s better to promote ConvertKit! And there is nothing wrong with that because switching from Aweber to ConvertKit does make sense.

What does it take to make $13,000 per month from ConvertKit?

As a ConvertKit affiliate you’ll earn a 30% commission each month from everyone you refer. That means if you send us an account worth $99/month, you’ll earn $30. Every month.

Wow, great! I like recurring affiliate programs. You refer a customer once and they are yours for life.

We can concoct that 433 accounts worth $99/month make $13,000 in affiliate commissions.

Do you even understand how lucrative it might be to promote recurring affiliate programs?

Regular affiliate program: You made a sale yesterday – 65 bucks is yours. You made no sales today? Zero, baby! Zero is what you get today!

ConvertKit is another story. As long as your referral stays with ConvertKit, you make your money.

Nice that you got on my blog today and that you are reading this report now? You no longer need to be surprised, or envious. You already know what it takes to make $43,000 a month in affiliate commissions, right?!

Let’s move further!

Pat Flynn promotes a wide variety of products and services that most of the online marketers use, including LeadPages, Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro and other. But there is something that may surprise you even more than what you’ve read above. And here is what it is…

I’m a long-term fan of Pat, and I know that about a year ago he published a book that is called “Will It Fly?”. In April 2017 he made about $4,000 from this book. Take a look:

pat flynn will it fly earnings

Do you understand what it means? This is not affiliate marketing. This is not promoting and selling other people’s products and services. This is truly passive income! This is the next level all the affiliate marketers should be aiming for!

Pat Flynn is great in affiliate marketing, but he is even greater in promoting his own products! “Will it fly” is no the only Pat’s own product.

In April 2017 he made over $8,000 by selling ads in his podcast:
pat flynn podcast

In March 2017 Pat made over $152,986.00 (WOW!) by selling his online courses:

pat flynn course start from scratch earnings

Unfortunately, you cannot see this, but I’m jumping on my chair like crazy while writing this blog post. Oh, Pat motivates me a lot! And you know why? Because I know that

Pat Flynn is a local celebrity. Why local? Because if you go outside and ask a hot girl what she thinks about his marketing strategy, she will answer that she has no clue about who he is. But Pat is widely known in the blogosphere. He’s our local Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins motivates the world, Pat Flynn motivates online marketers.

Thank you, Pat, for motivation, you are a great man!

What can you learn from Pat’s marketing strategy? Here is a step-by-step plan for you:

  1. Find a group of people who are in need
  2. Find a solution to their problem
  3. Start a blog
  4. Become popular and well-respected by sharing your knowledge
  5. Make money promoting other people’s stuff
  6. Create your stuff, and make money selling your own stuff


getting laid off

P.S.2: Don’t forget that are other bloggers here and there who earn tons of money, but there are also some very discreet guys who make ten times more. Do you know any of them?

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