What Is The Best Offer To Promote, Whether You Are a Beginner or An Advanced Marketer?

By | April 14, 2015

Hi there, guys!  *yes* Hope, you’re doing well.  Today we’re going to be talking about the best affiliate offers to promote, and I will show you why they are the best. I’m not going to sell you anything, I promise. It’s free smile Let’s go!

$10,000 per month – sounds great? *acute*

What about $20,000 per month?

What about $50,000 by promoting a single affiliate offer? *search*

Furthermore, I’m not talking about promoting any SCAM offers and misleading information.

Do you think, it is something like insurance policies for billionaires? *cool* Or yachts for sale? *unknw*

Everything is much simpler. smile

Fortunately there is no need to invent anything new. We can study the experience of other people.

If you enjoy reading marketer’s blogs, you should know this name – Pat Flynn. He made $153,397.47 last month. It is a HUGE amount of money, isn’t it? Look at his face, just look at his happy face smile


Mamma mia! $150 thousand dollars per month!

He promotes a huge list of offers, but one line from his monthly income report amazes me:

 [stextbox id=”alert”]Bluehost.com: $75,750.00 (How to create a blog in less than 4 minutes with Bluehost)[/stextbox]

Isn’t it amazing?

He made 50% of his monthly revenue from web hosting affiliate program. Here is this affiliate program, and you can join it as well!

Do you think, I want to say, you should promote Bluehost web hosting services? No! I just want you to remember this little moment.

Yet another example – Pinch of Yum – it’s a food blog. Here is its monthly income report ($20 thousand a month *crazy* ).

They promote Go Sugar Free Course, Tasty Food Photography, Everyday healthy eCook and other healthy living offers.

But 50% of their income is from Bluehost affiliate program. Nonsense? Reality!

You can do your own research using Google, Bing or whatever search engine you like, and you’ll see that a lot of bloggers, even if they are running food, beauty, or workout blogs, are making huge amount of money by promoting web hosting services.

[stextbox id=”info”]Whether you are and advanced marketer, and you’re running your own affiliate blog, or you are a beginner, and you’re struggling to make living from food or healthy living blog, you should notice, that it is possible to make 50% of your total income from web hosting affiliate offers.[/stextbox]

Even if you’re not a blogger, you can promote hosting offers through your facebook page, twitter, instagram, or signature link somewhere on WarriorForum smile

HostGator, DreamHost, BlueHost? They are well-known and commonly used web hosting companies. I wouldn’t say, it is easy to promote them, if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of loyal fans.

[stextbox id=”black”]Which one web hosting company should you promote? The one you’re using. Why? Because you are happy with it. Simple as that.[/stextbox]

I all these guys above, I’m using BlueHost. I would promote BlueHost not because they pay the best commission on the market, but because I’m happy with its services.

FatCow is another web hosting company that pays pretty good affiliate commissions ($100 per referral). But I didn’t use it, so I can’t tell whether it is good or not.

I’ve been using ASmallOrange. It is yet another web hosting company. It is one of the cheapest web hosting providers I’ve ever used. I switched to BlueHost from ASmallOrange.

There are a lot of hosting offers. It is an evergreen niche.

If you are a beginner, and you don’t know how to start making money online, and which offer is better, no need to be struggling with procrastination: start promoting web hosting affiliate programs!

If you are an advanced marketer, watch again theses motivational reports above and draw your own conclusions.

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