Should You Start a Blog In 2018 To Make Money?

By | November 28, 2017

Blogging is dead, bloggers are beggars?! Should you start a blog in 2018? Don’t make me laugh! The answer is pretty obvious!


If you ever read something like “blogging is incredible”, “your blog can change your life”, be sure, there are only two ways this plays out: either they sell some obsolete “Revolutionary New Blogging MegaCourse” for only $97, or in the following paragraphs, you’ll stumble upon their Bluehost link (the affiliate link, of course).

Now, that you’re warned, and a bit knowledgeable of what is going on, let me first prove to you that blogging is actually dying.

Have you ever heard about Google Trends? I bet you have! It shows how often a particular search-term is entered. What’s really great is that we can compare search results over time. This helps us realize whether a particular XYZ is getting more or less popular.

So, let’s go to Google Trends and look what’s going on:

blogging google trends

Did you notice? There is no need to hold a debate. It’s pretty clear that year by year “blogging” is becoming less and less popular.

You might disagree saying that just the industry’s name itself doesn’t mean anything. If for instance, terms like “eating”, “drinking” or “having sex” are becoming less popular it doesn’t mean that people eat, drink and have sex less than before.

Well, you might be right, but let’s play with more specific terms:

blog google trends

The reality, my friend, is: everything related to blogging and blogs is becoming less popular. And by the analogies with cassette tape recorders, floppy disks and CD-roms (if you’re an old fart like me, you still remember what these words mean) at some point blogs will die.

The explanation for this is quite obvious. Since life is getting easier and easier (is it?), people are getting lazier and lazier. It takes a lot of effort and time to read a book (I know that because I read a lot!). On the contrary, it takes almost no effort to watch a movie.

The same applies to receiving information and learning new things. Today Internet users prefer videos and images over articles and blog posts.

A blender, a juicer, an exercise bike – I have these devices in my house. And if I were to upgrade them I would rather go to YouTube than read a healthy living enthusiast’s blog.

We could stop here, hammering yet another nail in the coffin for this once thriving and profitable (you wanted to start a blog for a profit, not for fun, didn’t you?) activity. But there is one thing we have to know:

huge difference theory practice

How does this ancient wisdom apply to our modern world situation? This is how…

While in theory blogging is dying, in reality, things go differently…

You must remember my award-winning video entitled How Bloggers Make Millions Of Dollars From Their Blogs, And How You Can Too?! about top bloggers in online marketing niche (Pat Flynn, Matthew Woodward, Harsh Agarwal).

It was published around a year and a half ago, and in it, I was amazed by those astonishing amounts of money they were making every single month.

In case you didn’t watch it, here it is (sorry, I look like an idiot):

What might (at undoubtedly will!) surprise you is that every single blogger mentioned in that video increased his income since then. Mystery?

$100,000 per month is not a big deal for Pat Flynn now because for the last 12 months he made

pat flynn last month

That’s not that bad, paying attention to the fact that, as we agreed, blogging is dying.

His blog helped him grow his online empire and brought his earnings to the next level. A few years ago most of his income came from promoting other people’s products and services (BlueHost, ConvertKit). Today he sells his own courses. What is worth noting, is that not only is Pat a blogger, he is also a YouTuber, a podcaster, an Instagrammer. Yeah, he’s a smart guy!

Matthew Woodward, another BIG-blogger mentioned in that video, is a well-known SEO expert. His blog still brings him over $20,000 per month, which is not that astonishing, but I believe it’s quite enough to live comfortably in any country of the world.

Harsh Agarwal, the author of and the most successful Indian blogger, stopped publishing his income reports. Why? I think he just doesn’t want to shock his followers with his earnings (3,000,000 pageviews per month in MMO niche – how much money do you think this blog makes?).

“Where’s the catch, Alex?”, you might ask. “You stated and proved that blogosphere is either dead or dying and now you’re sharing absolutely opposite examples!”

Well, bro, the world is changing. Now people prefer videos over text, chatting over conversing (crazy!). Recently I found myself calling my wife via Skype. We were sitting in different rooms with a common wall. I was sitting opposite her, she was sitting opposite me. The wall was between us. We were looking in our laptops and talking to each other. Crazy? It’s not crazy, I bet, you have a similar experience. The way we communicate with each other is changing every year.

60% watch video before read text

“So, what’s the point, Alex? I was almost ready to start a blog, should I start a YouTube channel instead, an Instagram account, something else?”

Don’t be in a hurry, let me explain.

The point is, “text” is becoming a bit outdated medium to convey information. Some people (why do I say “some”?), MOST people read zero books per year but watch thousands of hours of video.

From the other hand, billions of people prefer text information over video.

Your decision whether to start a blog in 2018 (I don’t know what’s going to be happening in 2019 and subsequent years, maybe Robot Sophia will enslave us all), – but as of the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, your decision should depend on a few factors.

What are these factors?

The first one is your ability to deliver information to your audience. You see, every day I notice visitors coming to my blog post on how to make YouTube videos without showing your face. I don’t know why that particular blog post is so popular. Maybe, those visitors are ugly, maybe, they are shy? I really don’t know.

But what I know exactly is that they should start a blog instead of creating a YouTube channel. Man, if you’re not capable of capturing your talking head, and you’re looking for some other, some alternative ways to make a YouTube video without showing your face, you’d better forget about making videos at all! A blog is your choice of necessity (and in fact, it’s not such a bad choice).

There are millions, maybe even billions of people who still read books, read articles, subscribe to blog updates. And until they are alive, blogs will remain in demand.

Another factor is your message’s value. If you know how I can beat procrastination and perfectionism, start a blog, start a youtube channel, make a PowerPoint presentation – I don’t care what form of spreading your message you prefer, just make that video, write that blog post and let me know. I will be your first reader and viewer.

James D. Sass (I don’t have a clue who he is) once said:


Are you getting it? You don’t need to create a perfect blog in order to truly succeed. The Internet is crowded with crappy articles and useless videos.

Yes, paper books, face-to-face conversations, blogging are dying. Starting a blog was a hot trend 5-10 years ago, and yes, 99% of bloggers who started five years ago, abandoned their blogs (let’s not forget that over 95% new businesses fail within the first five years).

But the solution is pretty obvious. If you have “the message” (this is the requirement!), and you have a passion for talking – start a YouTube channel. You have a passion for writing – start a blog. Enjoy taking and editing photos – Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

I like both writing and talking, so I am a blogger and a YouTuber. But I suck at shooting photos, so I don’t use Instagram and Pinterest.

What’s your opinion on the future of blogging?

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