Nobody Reads My Blog – SOLUTION!

By | March 28, 2016

Hi, my friend! Do you have your own blog?

If yes, keep reading.

If no – go here and start your blog right now! It’s cool, and it may bring a lot of money into your pocket!

Ok, you have a blog, now what? How to make money from it?

Wait-wait-wait! Before you start thinking of making money, your blog must become popular.

But somestimes it takes months and even years.

How to stay motivated? How not to lose enthusiasm? How to keep writing?

I was thinking about that a lot, and finally I found the solution! Are you interested? smile

Simple as that!

The best motivation is when you get a feedback, lots of views and comments, when you build a community. But how to make it real?

What I decided to do is to buy traffic. Facebook Ads, Goolge Ads – yes, maybe they work fine, I don’t know. But it’s a bit difficult.

The easiest solution is UDIMI.

I invested $117 into buying Solo Ads from UDIMI.

First off, I create a landing page (you have to have a page to catch e-mails) – here it is (check it). I heard, money is in the list, so I’m building my e-mail list.

Click here and you’ll visit Udimi’s main page. It’s free to create an account and you do not need to provide any payment details:


After that I create a SWIPE.

What is a swipe?

A Swipe is your advertising text, which your seller will send to own list under own name.

Simply put, a swipe is your announcement / broadcast to seller’s list. It is what you have to offer them. It’s informative about a significant event or product and usually asks the potential customer to visit another site through a link.

Here is my Swipe:

Subject: How To Make $10.000 a Month From Your Blog?

Text: Do you have a blog?

Do you want to make $10.000 a month from blogging? Go, type your name and e-mail and get free ebook on how to achieve this goal.

Here is the link: How To Make $10.000 a Month From Your Blog?

And then I found 4 solo ads providers:

udimi payments

I payed $117, and I’m expecting to get for 200+ US visitors.

Are you interested in results? Me too smile

I’ll share with you the results in a week, whey the orders are completed, whether they are positive, or negative.

What I like about Udimi is:

  1. It’s easy to buy traffic from. It takes 5 minutes to create a Swipe, to find a solo ads provider, and to make a payment.
  2. Sellers are ready to help you (I asked and they checked my landing page and my swipe).
  3. You can make money with Udimi without buying traffic! Wow, cool, isn’t it?

Just go to Udimi, make a free account, go to Affiliate section, and get your affiliate link. you can post it on your blog, or on your Facebook page, etc. They pay 15% from all orders of your referrals (reccuring, lifetime).

I spent $117, and someone (who referred me) made $17.55. Maybe, he’s watching movie, maybe, he’s driving his car, or playing chess. Who knows? What I like about blogging, affiliate marketing, and passive income is that you are not involved in the process of making money.

Here is my affiliate link – if you decide to join Udimi, consider clicking it

Nassima, I see, you’ve already clicked that amazing link, what’s your experience, did you buy traffic from them, or you’re still thinking?

Ken, Steve, Anwar, Ahmed, what are you, guys, waiting for?

Why am I doing this? I’m not thinking of promoting stuff and making money. I need feedback, comments. When I understand that I’m on the right track, I’ll scale my blogging effors.

Be waiting, in a week I’ll share with you the results.

5 thoughts on “Nobody Reads My Blog – SOLUTION!

  1. Nassime

    Hey Alex, thanks for your article
    I’m subscribe at Udimi it’s amazing !!!!! THanks again for this information 😉

  2. Aysha Haque

    Hi Alex!

    Honestly i loved your post very much! Really, i heard firstly about Udimi ever! Great post on it! See what happens to my blog!

    1. Alex July Post author

      Nice to see you, Aysha! Hope, you’ll build a successful blog!


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