How To Make Good Videos For Youtube Without Showing Your Face?

By | March 22, 2016

Hah! Look how lean I am!


Can you believe I was overweight? Yeah, healthy living can change your life!

Maybe, I should create a YouTube channel about losing weight? They say, losing weight is a very profitable niche smile

Maybe, YOU should be thinking of creating your own YouTube channel?

All we know that YouTube is an amazing source of traffic for our websites. But how to use the power of YouTube if you are a non-native speaker of English, and your English is a little bit poor? Or, maybe, English is your first language, but you get confused in front of the camera?

In this post I will share with you six different approches (the last is my favourite). Hope, you’ll learn something new and implement some of these strategies in your online business.

Strategy number one!

Do you have your own YouTube channel? If yes, post a link below, I will watch a few videos and let you know what I think.

If you don’t, why? Who said, your English is bad? Who said, your pronunciation is awful? I’ve been procrastinating for a few years, because I thought my English was poor. I thought I need a professional camera, lighting. But finally I created a YouTube channel, and what? People like what I’m doing. Here I am standing in front of the camera and talking about the best way to make money online:

I understand that I’m not the best speaker on the planet, but what I did was I asked native speakers to comment my speaking style. They said they understood everything.

Who is a dick? I am! Why? Because I thought it was possible to improve my speaking through reading books and blogs. WRONG! The only way to improve speaking skills is to start speaking! The more you speak (write, swim), the better you become at speaking (writing, swimming).

So what’s the first strategy? Take your smartphone, make a video about yourself, your family, your passion, upload it to YouTube, and ask for a feedback.

This simple action will bring you to the next level.  How so? Now you don’t have your YouTube channel, and you’re thinking, you’re bad in making videos. When you make a few videos, and get a feedback, you start thinknig of improving your speaking, editing skills and so on.

What is better – to think you’re bad at something, or to get a feedback, and to start improving?

Strategy number two!

Ok, I understand that not everyone is ready to stand in front of the camera. You don’t have to. Here is my another video: I’m walking in the forest and talking about certificates of deposit (yes, finance is my another passion):

Simple as that, right? The guy is walking in the forest and talking about investing opportunities. Do people like what I’m doing? They do! How do I know that? Here is how:


And yet another proof:


You’re ugly or hide out from police? Nobody will see your face!

So, what’s the second strategy? Don’t show your face, show the forest, the road, the sky. And don’t forget to speak.

Strategy number three!

You are lazy bones, and it takes a lot of efforts to raise your ass off the couch, but you still want to bring a few million views from YouTube to your website. Monthly.

I’ve got good news for you. There is a solution.


Oh, I don’t like these presentations. Don’t use these old-fashioned PowerPoint templates and backgrounds. Use something else. For examply Prezi. Have you ever heard about Prezi? I made this video using Prezi (I don’t like the way my voice sounds, by the way):

You can use PowerPoint or Google Slides, or Prezi to make presentations, and CamTasia studio to capture your screen.

By the way, presentations are very popular on YouTube. They work fine if your goal is to explain something.

So, what’s the third strategy? Make presentations!

Strategy number four!

All these strategies are fine, but they are not for you. You want to stay anonymous! Maybe, you hide out from the police. Or you are a shy guy, and you’re totally sure that nobody will like your face and voice. First off, read The Power of Positive Thinking, or watch “The Secret” and then watch this video:

I made this video one and half year ago, and uploaded it to YouTube. I didn’t  promote it, didn’t buy traffic. Here is the statistics:


Not the most popular video on the Web, but given the fact that it relates to the financial niche, the result is pretty good, right? Right!

How to make a video like this one?

  • Sparkol VideoScribe,
  • Easy Sketch Pro
  • Go Animate

I was using Sparkol VideoScribe, it’s an amazing tool, but it’s not free. If you are serious about making doodle videos (and this type of videos is called doodle videos), use Sparkol VideoScribe, Easy Sketch Pro or Go Animate.

Strategy number five

Ok, now it’s time to talk about serious things…

Now I’ll show you the guy who’s making $20-40 thousand every single month from YouTube. Is he fluent in English? No! He is using both English and Russian languages. Watch this video:

Funny, isn’t it? Be careful! Now you’ll fall off your chair. Why? Here is the stats:


65 million views!


I think, this video made him at least $100 thousand!

So, what’s the strategy number five? As long as you provide interesting, valuable, funny, entertainment content, nobody cares about your accent and your ugliness smile

The Best Strategy

“They more you learn, the more you earn”

– have you ever heard this proverb?

According to this belief, you have to improve your speaking skills, buy Sony Vegas Pro, improve your editing skills, buy lighting, invest in camcoder, hire a professional virtual assistant…


“The more you learn, the more you procrastinate”

Not learning, but taking action is the key to success.

Take that smartphone and make that video! Or make that presentation. And then another video, and another video.

Do it now – this is the last, and the best strategy!

2 thoughts on “How To Make Good Videos For Youtube Without Showing Your Face?

  1. Nassime

    Hey Alex thanks fot this interesting article : you demonstrate very well how make video for the shy people or those are scared to be ridculous. It can be good way to begin in the video.
    But the disadvantage is that not resolve the real problem if it is in the long term; because the shy guy stays in the shyness forever and it can become a habit. And to change a habit demands a big time.
    You will earn more when you create a trust relationship with people, the picture is a minimum and the gesturals completes the video (like an actor).
    In the past I have created my first blog and that’s not worked. Why? Because I have burned many steps and I didn’t know how to blog.
    So I have taken the occasion to make many mistakes, to learn in my mistakes and to restart very well.
    Then with baby step I advance in progress… 😉
    I hope the best for you Alex and continue like that because you are very efficient in your articles 😉

    1. Alex July Post author

      Thanks, Nassime!
      Yes, shyness is one of the most common social problems, and I believe that making your own videos and uploading them to YouTube is one of the best and the easiest ways to get rid of shyness smile


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