Crazy Success Story: $50.000 From Wikipedia and YouTube!

By | September 15, 2016

Even if you have ZERO dollars to invest, even if your English sucks, even if you’ve never made a dime online, you can make money! $50.000 using free Wikipedia articles! Sounds crazy? Oh, yeah, it does! Oh yeah, it does sound crazy!

But it worked for one adventurous guy. Today I wanna learn from his experience and share it with you. Interested? Inspired? Let’s go!

A few days ago I was sitting in my room and browsing the Web trying to find some interesting ideas for my future projects.

alex july at work It was late at night, my kids and wife were already sleeping, and I made a commitment to myself to find some interesting idea before I go for the Big Sleep in the arms of Morpheus..

I call it creative work, but all we know that this is nothing more than procrastination. Yeah, to be honest, I procrastinate a lot, and I know that this approach sucks, ’cause the key to success is what?.. Right, action!

Just between you and me, in confidence, I am thinking on making big bucks by promoting high-ticket affiliate programs. These gentlemen inspire me a lot:

regal assets top affiliates clickagain

It’s pretty cool to refer 4 leads and to make $22 thousand in commission, isn’t it?

You think it’s impossible, you think, it’s a bullshit? Oh, you’re wrong, my friend!

These gentlemen (btw, how do we know that they are gentlemen, maybe they are the hot Asian girls?), anyways, they are Regal Assets affiliates.

This company operates in the precious metals industry from buying and selling Gold Bullion and Gold Coins to giving advice on retirement plan Gold IRA.

treasure chestTheoretically, it is simple to make big bucks: you create a website (how?) or a blog (how?) about investing in gold, promote it in search engines, and refer people to Regal Assets. Or you buy traffic from Bing, or whatever…

$30-$100 per valid – this is pretty obvious, but what inspires me is … attention!!! – 3% Revshare on Sales (average sale is $65.000 resulting in $1.950 commission).

You can go here create an account and see the example of a sale that resulted in a $90.000 commission.

Yes, I’m the “take the bull by the horn” guy, and I’m in.

So, I was browsing the Web and thinking on the best ways to refer customers to Regal Assets.

At some point, the night took over, I went to Google one more time, and searched for “401k”. This is a popular retirement plan. Top affiliate Kelly Fliex (making $100k a month, btw) says that he targets “401k people” in order to refer them to Regal Assets. It turns out that people searching for 401k may be interested in investing in gold.

And here is what I found:

401k retirement plan

It would be difficult to beat Wikipedia, Investopedia, Forbes and Fidelity, I thought. (Nevertheless, I believe, this guy from foggy UK could do that)

I clicked the first link and went to Wikipedia to learn more about this 401k plan.

It was a long boring academic article. I yawned and was ready to go to bed, but suddenly one well-known quote came to my mind, and here it is:

pablo picasso quote good artists copy great artists steal

I decided to check if there were some good and great webmasters. I don’t remember how exactly I did it, but I found this youtube video:

Do you get it? Do you understand what it is? This videos has been made using TTS (text-to-speech software).

Here is the channel – Audiopedia. And this is what it is all about:

wikipedia audiopedia audio articles

Cool, isn’t it? Let’s go to SocialBlade:

socialblade audiopedia earnings report

40 thousand views a day is not a huge amount of traffic, but as we see, it brings some money. On autopilot!

I don’t know when this guy (btw, maybe he’s an old British lady, who knows?) started to monetize these videos, but 20 million views could have brought him $50.000.

I hope you understand how it works.

To be honest, it does require some skills and knowledge. At least, he has to have a high-speed Internet connection in order to upload these videos to YouTube. But it does not require financial investments.

Yes, I agree with you, it is a little bit unusal and… stupid (?) way to make money. But the fact is that this guy provides value (does he?), and he has created a passive income stream. Let’s bookmark this channel and visit it in a year, I believe it will grow.


Is this a black hat technique?

Obviously, it is not. Can you use Wikipedia articles on your website or Youtube channel? This is what Wikipedia thinks about that:

There are many reusers of Wikipedia’s content, and more are welcome. If you want to use Wikipedia’s text materials in your own books/articles/web sites or other publications, you can generally do so, but you must comply with one of the licenses that Wikipedia’s text is licensed under. Many of the media files on Wikipedia are also reusable.

You can read the whole article by clicking the link above.

Do people enjoy watching these videos?

There are different opinions both positive and negative:

audiopedia review

audiopedia review

So, what are you, Alex July, implying? Should we use Wikipedia articles to make another channels, another videos, should we fill the Internet with low-quality content?

No, that isn’t quite what I mean. I just wanted to share with you this story.

Everyone knows that Google penalizes auto-generated and copied content, but this guy proved the opposite.

Hard work is always welcome: if you are not motivated enough to create a popular website, or a YouTube channel, or to gather other people’s e-mails, you can make quantity work for you. Instead of quality.

What would I do? I would improve this strategy a little bit, and I would do what this guy has forgotten to do. How? By increasing quality and reducing quantity.

alex july

I would go to Google Keyword Planner, find 1-2 thousand keywords, and use Wikipedia as the source of information for my videos. I wouldn’t use text-to-speech software. In my opinion it is better to create presentations using PowerPoint, Prezi or other software.

That particular Wikipedia article about 401k can result in 10-20 few-minutes videos.

Yes, it’s boring, stupid, but it works. And this is how you can make money online without investing a dime.

What do you, ladies and gentlemen, think about all this stuff? Is it worth efforts?

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