How I Wanted To Make Easy Money With Fiverr and ClickBank

By | April 9, 2015

Hi! Do you want to make easy money with Fiverr?  They say it is possible! By “they” I mean gurus from WarriorForum! I wanted, I tried. It was a year ago, but nothing changed. So here is my story!

As you know, I am not a fan of get-rich-quick schemes like “get paid to test apps from home“, so, I’m trying to make money in a hard way ))))

I found an interesting thread on WarriorForum. One guy spent $5 and made $287. The other spent $10 and made $200. Not bad, right? I decided to join! So, here is the explanation, posted by Adie:

Easiest and Uncommon Way to Make Money with Clickbank

For people who are desperate (oh, yeah, I am!) and don’t want to do the following:

  • Write article
  • Promote website
  • Build list
  • Send emails

Here is a simple but useful tips for you for easy CB commission.

I tested this method with 3different fiverr gigs and all have almost the same result. I don’t want to post my CB screenshot as I want to keep the product (sorry )
Tested within 2 weeks after 3 gigs were delivered/done.

Here’s what I did / and what you can do:

1. Pick 1 CB product with high gravity and high commission (weight loss niche or something)
2. Register a cheap domain and have a $2 hosting (pick a short domain with .info extension). if you have hosting or available domain, you may use it.
3. Go to your hosting Cpanel and redirect that domain to your clickbank hoplink
4. Buy this fiverr gig for $5: (or look for “post flyers” or “distribute flyers”)

I tested it and made 6 sales having a total of $287 commission (not to mention recurring income)… Repeat the #4 step or pick any other similar gig for more commissions..

Good luck!

Wow, – I thought! – Why not try?

I didn’t know what offers to promote (now I know that the best offers to promote (especially if you are noob) are hosting offers, btw, if you need the best web hosting for your website, here it is This is BlueHost I like it, and I’m personally using it for my websites).

But at that time I decided to promote hot ClickBank offers. If you don’t know, what ClickBank is, press Alt and F4 – this blog is for newbies, but not for kids (if you’re using MAC, I don’t know what you should press in this case). So, I decided to promote ClickBank offers. First one was The Venus Factor (it’s Lose Weight niche), the second – Get Cash For Surveys. They are still popular. To the purpose, there are a lot of reviews saying that all these surveys offers are SCAM. At that time I didn’t know that. I would never promote SCAM offers. This is my rule.

I registered two domains. They were easy to remember.

I am not a designer, I can’t draw, so I decided to use Microsoft Word, yeah, I’m not American, so I’m a PC user 🙂  I made two A4-banners. They were nice and attractive.

Then I went to and found a lot of these gigs. You can find them by typing in a search box something like “post flyers” or “distribute flyers”, as that guy from a comment below told us.

I ordered one gig from a girl from Columbia. She was a student, and she promised to distribute 50 flyers at Columbia University.

Take a look at my ads hanging somewhere in Columbia:


Attractive, isn’t it?

Another proof:


I do really believe, she did her job, ’cause she sent me more than 10 photos.

I thought, there was some money in my ClickBank account. D’you know how much money I made? Right, ZERO!

My mistake was that I did not track visitors. So, here is the first conclusion:

Whatever you do, track your website visitors

I thought, something went wrong, and ordered another gig from another person:

I will Handout 100 flyers at high volume walmart

Nice, isn’t it?

Hi, i cannot do this order. Im currently out of town. Please cancel and have a refund.

No problems! There are a lot of other gigs on Fiverr, here is another example of my ads from another seller:


He sent me other photos as well.

What about sales? ZERO! Yeah, no sales!

I thought, I should buy another gig, ’cause one of *cool* these guys from WarriorForum made 6 sales from one gig. I ordered two gigs, but made zero sells.

Another seller provided me with this information:

I finished this gig for you! I went ahead and bumped you towards the top of the list to complete your gig faster, because you ordered multiple gigs.

As ordered, I distributed 50 flyers. I have some pretty prime posting spots throughout the city like public transportation stops, restaurants and local stores, some popular bars that allow flyer postings, fast food restaurants, down by wrigley field and the united center, book stores, and various hangout spots like parks and other outdoor attractions around the city.

Im sure these will grab peoples attention. Thanks again and good luck! Please leave positive feedback smile

Of course, I left positive feedback, but he did not provide  proof of his work

Rule number two:

Don’t buy any gigs, don’t offer any job, if the seller cannot prove he did something.

Buy the way, here is my ads:

lose weight

Nice and attractive, isn’t it?


I ordered a few more gigs, but again and again NO SALES

I know, you think I had to track visitors. I said, I didn’t do that. I was impressed by 6 sales from 1 gig.

In addition I decided to buy cheap traffic from Fiverr. Linda (I think, she was not Linda, but a guy from India. By the way, if you are from India, and you’re struggling to make money online, check this affiliate marketing guide for Indians. ), so Linda sent me a message:

I will send unlimited real traffic to your website for 50 days

I’m happy to announce you that your campaign has started and will be active for 50 days starting from today.

Sounds great, yeah?

The result? A lot of traffic, but no sales!

I ordered 5 gigs, bought two domain names, a hosting account, but made no sales.

The conclusion?

Fiverr is a great marketplace, but it is not the best place to buy traffic from.

It is nice that I have this blog, and can share my experience so that you save your money and learn something new.

Don’t rob the world from your talent. Start your own blog? Check this guide!

3 thoughts on “How I Wanted To Make Easy Money With Fiverr and ClickBank

  1. David

    Hi Alex,

    The mistake you made is buying shitty traffic.
    if you want to sell offers you need a very targeted traffic.

    1. Alex July Post author

      Yeah, you’re right. At that time I heard a lot of success stories about spending 5$ on Fiverr and making hundreds of dollars. I wanted to try, I tried, I failed smile

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