How To Make $4200 From One Single Forum Message?

By | February 7, 2016

$4200 from one single forum message – sounds attractive, isn’t it? Today I’ll tell you about the guy who wrote that message. We’ll learn his experience, and create a plan how to implement it.

Before we start, let me ask you: are you a forum member? Probably, you are. Maybe, you are a passive reader, maybe, an active flooder. Maybe, you are a forum poster, and you’re making money from Fiverr selling gigs like “I will write 25 forum messages for 5 dollars”.

Chances are, you are missing a huge opportunity.

You are intrigued, right? Let’s get started!

One day I was browsing through WarriorForum.

Exclamation MarkIf you want to learn something new, always use forums and blogs, they are the best sources of information. I would add YouTube channels to this list, although there is a huge problem with YouTube. Chances are, if you are watching a video on, let’s say, how to drive traffic to your WordPress blog, at the end of this video an annoying annotation may appear offering you the option to buy yet another get-rich-quick scheme from that guy, who just took away 10 minutes of your life.

warriorforum, is the most popular online community for marketers, and especially for affiliate marketers. You can buy a lot of crap there (in WSO section), but you can find there a lot of useful information as well (if you disagree, post a comment below).

So while I was browsing WarriorForum, I found this thread: “Does forum posting bring you quality buyer leads & sales?

I think it is necessary to clarify how forum posting works. If you are the member of a forum community, you can add the link to your signature. You post a message, your signature appears, other members click it, you get visitors to your blog, website, landing page or whatever link you are promoting.

And here is the message by criniit (read it thoroughly):

Amazing experience, isn’t it? Let’s learn this experience more precisely and make a plan on how to implement it.

Let’s take a closer look at Criniit’s profile:

First off, he is a hyper active member, second off, he is a War Room Member. It means, that he invests about $100 yearly. What does he invest this money in? In his brains! In order to become a War Room member and to access courses, you have to pay $97.

So what are the steps?

1) Be active

2) Invest in your brains (read books, buy courses, don’t stop learning).

Let’s go further:

What are the steps?

3) Find a group of people who are in need.

4) Offer them a solution.

And the last and, probably, the most pleasant part of the process is:

5) Get reward!

You can buy subscribers from Udimi, and pay $200-300 for 172 email subscrubers. But can you convert them into thousands of dollars?


The more helpful you are to members, and the more value that you put out on topics that you are knowledgeable about, the more you will get out of it

If you are the subscriber of my blog, you know that I’m always saying: Don’t think of making money, think of how to deliver value. The more value you deliver to your readers, viewers, fans, subscribers, the more money you can make.

Do you remember my post about the guy, who is making $100 daily from YouTube? That guy and this guy are walking examples on how this rule works. They use different ways, but they both deliver value.

So what? Should you join 10 forum communities and start flooding on a regular basis? It won’t work! Why?

Yet another quote from that thread:

So, I would add yet another important step:

Build your brand, become an authority.

Whether you are an active forum member or not, consider using the power of online communities to build your brand and to make money.

Probably, if Criniit had a blog, and described his experience in more details, that post would have gone viral and would have brought him a lot more visitors and subscribers.

Are you a member of any forum? Do you use the power of forum signatures? Share with me your experience, especially if it sucks so far!

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