2 Year Anniversary: I Am A Loser!

By | December 7, 2017

Wow! Two years ago I started this blog! Great! It has already made me over $500,000, and it’s making me over $10,000 every single month. Hah, just kidding!

A few visitors per day, a few occasional visitors a day – this is how much people come to my blog (thanx, Google).

Why is that so? Why is that so that some people are making millions of dollars from their blogs while the others are still struggling with making their first $100 online?

Why did Harsh Agarwal created the most successful Indian blog and one of the most successful (and profitable) blogs in the world, and I couldn’t even manage myself to publish at least a blog post a week?

Is Harsh smarter than me? Is he better educated than me? Is more inspired, more motivated? Well, I don’t know, to be honest. Maybe, he is. But not hundred or ten times more!

What did I mention ShoutMeLoud?

I remember, five years ago, when I and my wife purchased our flat (we had no kids at that time, today we have two kids)… FIVE YEARS AGO, just imagine! So, I entered an empty room, turned on my laptop, connected it to the Internet via cable, and realized that the Internet speed was 100 megabit per second.

I opened a few Youtube videos, and was amazed! I was astonished! The day before my Internet speed was 1 megabit, and now it is 100 – that is 100 times faster!

I continued sitting on the floor (there were no sofa, no table, no chairs in any of four rooms) started browsing the Web (bad habit), and opened ShoutMeLoud.com. At that time it was a young though profitable and well-known blog. I was so inspired and motivated and made a commitment to myself to create a better blog.

Did I take action? No, it took me three years of thinking, rethinking and analyzing. Only two years ago I registered this domain name – alexjuly.com. What’s next? Well, I published 15 blog posts and abandoned my blog.

Yesterday I got a domain renewal notification.

Oh, I thought, I should renew my domain name. And I did it, I renewed it.

So, Harsh has already made (I think) over one million dollars from his blog. How much money did I make? ZERO (not at all, but from this blog).

The differences between him and me? Luck? Nope!

I just visited his blog and realized that he updated his design. But what’s important that yesterday he published his blog post.

Five years ago there were “yesterday published posts) and today there is a “yesterday published post”.

Perseverance, persistence.

I took action a few times, he is talking action continually. He took action yesterday, he takes action today, he will take action tomorrow.

And this is why he is a winner, and I am a loser.

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