How To Start Your Own Web Hosting Business?

By | April 1, 2019

Nowadays, more and more people turn to the internet as means to make money. From selling handmade trinkets to doing YouTube to blogging. This article will explore another way you can make money online which requires minimum monetary investment, experience or expertise on your part. However, it is worth saying that nothing comes easy and you need to be able to invest both time and effort in order to get anywhere.

How To Start Your Own Web Hosting Business

What I will be talking about is reseller hosting. Essentially, reseller hosting is when you buy web hosting at wholesale prices from one of the major hosting providers, split it into parts and then sell as your own at a more profitable price. You will have access to special software to create your own hosting plans and your customers will get their individual control panels.

Reseller hosting lets you purchase bandwidth and disk storage in small allotments. So you won’t have to worry about wasting precious resources and most importantly, money. As your customer base grows you can eventually upgrade to your own dedicated server or at the very least gain small profits without risking to lose substantial sum every month. This makes reseller hosting a great business to get into for beginner entrepreneurs.

Another wonderful thing about reseller hosting, is that if anything goes wrong with the server or you run into any technical issues, you’ll have an expert support from a web host to back you up. This way you can focus all your time on marketing your business and selling your services to the customers instead of worrying about technical issues you might not even understand.

Choose your Business Partner

First things come first, you need to choose a reliable business partner, in this case a web hosting company. How you go about it would be no different than when you choose a hosting provider for your own website. Do your research, carefully read reviews and compare the features before making your purchase. Just like in any other industry, when you purchase anything in bulk, you’ll get large discounts. Weigh in all your options when choosing a host, as their reputation will reflect on your own business as well.

reseller web hosting plan

Build A website and create your hosting plans

You will need to make your own website in order to advertise your business in the future. The easiest way would be to you use a website builder from your host. The website doesn’t have to be too complex, a simple layout would suffice. Consider also having a blog for your website, this can help generate traffic. You can also go another route and hire someone to make the website for you, but that is additional expenses. However, it would make your website more modern and unique.

As for creating your hosting plans, thankfully since you’ve already spent some time researching hosting companies, you have a general idea of what customers are looking for. Come up with plans that would be able to compete with the other hosting providers.

A great way to make your plans differ from your competitors is to size them differently and add more features. If you are a web developer or web designer, you can bundle your services together with your hosting plans.

Marketing and Advertising your Services

Now that you have your website set up and hosting plans created, your next step would be to get down to building a client base. This is the hardest part and you will need to be persistent in both your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Build your social media presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Engaging your audience is key, conduct polls, answer questions or give valuable advice related to your segment of the market. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for a feedback, this way they know you care about the quality of your services and they might give you some ideas on what you should work better on or what additional features to implement. A personal touch is what can distinguish you from other major hosting providers.

You will need to establish your brand and reputation from the ground up. Consider creating a logo for your company. Most reseller plans allow you to customize the logo your clients will see in their control panels. This is another great way to make your business stand out and make it more recognizable. Additionally, some reseller hosting plans also include online advertising credits on platforms such as Google, Bing or Facebook. By using them you can start promoting your web hosting services immediately by having ads displayed to your targeted audience when they search for related keywords.

There are many other ways you can start a web hosting business. Reseller hosting is a great investment for people who like to keep it safe, it requires minimal budget investment, so you won’t have to worry about losing a lot of money if things don’t go as planned. If you are prepared to make a significant time commitment to it, you can start reaping the result of your hard work in no time.

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