Happy New Year!

By | January 1, 2016

Hi, guys! Happy New Year!

Believe me or not, but in a few years this blog and this youtube-channel will be one of the most popular resources in make money online niche.

Yes, I know that my English is not perfect, but ressurecting this blog and creating a youtube-channel is an important (the most important) part of my New Years Resolution.

Currently now I’m reading a book by Brian Tracy “No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline“. It’s a life-changing book, you can order it from Amazon, I even created a thread on WarriorForum named “Book that changed my life” (link to WF).

I didn’t want to show my face, was confused about my pronunciation and accent, but now I understand that it was procrastination because of my perfectionism.

I am as motivated and inspired as Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was starting out his carrear, great man, insn’t he?

I have a lot of cool things to share with you guys. Let’s get started! So here I am standing in from of the camera and speaking to you without anxiety and fear.

Happy New Year! I wish, you dream follow you to success!

Be my friend!

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