Top 7 Reasons to Host WordPress at GreenGeeks

By | May 25, 2019

You know I like writing and talking about the web hosting industry. The reason is that there are over a thousand (can you imagine that?) web hosting companies in the United States, and the ugly truth is… most of them suck! pardon  I know that from both my personal experience and multiple complains you can easily find on the web.

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With that being said, I decided to share with you top 7 reasons to host WordPress at GreenGeeks which… doesn’t suck! good I do believe it’s worth moving your websites from your current web host to GreenGeeks, but… there is one slight issue…  no Keep reading!

1) It’s Green!

You know I’m a vegan. On top of that, I’m a raw vegan!

I am not that kind of a person who calculates how many animals he has saved, but I do believe small changes make the difference. 

Look why this company’s ideology resonates with me!

2) It’s Fast!

Worth being mentioned, it’s not the fasted web hosting in the world, but the average load time is 493 ms (2017-2019). This is less than a half second! good 

You need some proofs, don’t you? I’ve just checked what Google thinks about which is hosted by GreenGeeks.

It turned out, uncle Google is quite satisfied! good 

3) It’s WordPress friendly

The friend of mine, who introduced me to this amazing CMS back in 2008, completely changed my life. By the way, now he is a CEO in Silicon Valley cool .

I think, I had installed WordPress hundreds of times and spent thousands of hours designing WP themes and coding WP plugins.

WordPress is not the only CMS that I’m using for my websites, but most of them, including this blog, are powered by WP.

We all understand that in some cases, WordPress friendliness is nothing more but a marketing trick! (WPENGINE charges over $20 per month!). pardon 

I like that GreenGeeks has specific plans designed especially for WordPress powered websites and doesn’t charge as much as others do. 

4) Five Data Centers in 3 countries

The United States is not the only country in the only country in the world! I have several websites for German, Spanish and Russian speaking visitors.

With GreenGeeks you can host your website in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands. good 

5) Reseller Hosting Opportunity

Remember my blogpost How To Start Your Own Web Hosting Business?

GreenGeeks is a perfect business partner for those who control multiple hosting accounts.

You can pay as little as $19.95/mo and host tens of your own customers!

6) It’s lazy webmasters-friendly!

You know what a time-consuming process it is to move your website from your current web hosting to a new one. dash With GreenGeek you can forget about that.

Just share with them your credentials and relax. rofl 

This is how it works:

By the way, I want to be fully honest with you, and now it’s time to share what I don’t like. bad 

I am a fast person! I speak fast, I write fast, I think fast, and I demand the same from other people and companies, especially if I am their paying customer.

Before I started writing this blogpost, I wanted to ask several questions, but look at what happened:

I waited for 40 minutes but got no reply. I wouldn’t say I always need immediate feedback, but this was a pre-sale question! Why not expand your support team? pardon 

7) It’s decent and not overpriced

It surprises me when people pay $20/mo for hosting one small blog or even several websites. For one or another reason they think it’s a good price. Maybe they follow you-get-what-you-pay-for mentality!

Well, it’s not a big price, especially for customers living in the US. But at GreenGeeks you can host several websites for only $2.95/mo and get

  • unlimited SSD disk space,
  • unlimited bandwidth,
  • unlimited e-mail accounts,
  • Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL,
  • Nightly backups (crucially important)

… and many more.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, it’s a biased review. sorry 

Well, the truth is, I get paid when you sign up and host your website at GreenGeeks through my affiliate link. 

So, as always, it’s up to you to decide!

If you’re ready, try GreenGeeks and get a FREE domain name NOW! good 

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