Driving Traffic With Blog Comments? Don’t Waste Your Time…

By | March 11, 2019

Today my 6-year old son woke me up at about 8 a.m. (oh, I failed my get-up-at-5am-challenge again), I drunk a glass of fruit smoothie, jumped into my chair and started checking comments on this legendary blog.

While I was doing this research a thought came to my mind (a clever thought, by the way):

blog commenting

No, I’m not going to be sharing with you those”5 best ways to do blog commenting”, instead of this, I will show you what a stupid blog commenting strategy is.

But before we start, I just want to clarify a little bit what we’re talking about.

So, what is a blog commenting?

You’ve got a blog, and you need more traffic.

You find another blog in your niche, read a blog post and leave your comment.

What’ the point?


blog comments

This is what a typical blog comment looks like. If I approve this comment it will appear below a blog post with the link to its author.

Blog commenting is about leaving comments.

There are two reasons why people get involved in a dirty business of posting comments.

The first one is that it is a link, a backlink to their website. The second one is driving traffic. If I read a blogpost, scroll down and see that comment, chances are, I will click the author’s name and visit his blog.

Boring? Pretty clear, isn’t it?

Here is where today’s story begins.

So, I logged to my blog and saw 5 unread comments. Not that bad, given the fact that I don’t blog every day.

Here are some of these thoughtful, well-written, (proofread by native speakers, should be considered) comments:

blog commmenting

Vishal, I think, you must be a smart person. Obviously, you’re not a spammer. I have no doubts, you’ve thoughtfully read my blog posts, and decided to leave these comments.

Well, typically I move such comments to a “Trash” folder or mark them as SPAM.

But this time I decided to click Vishal’s nickname and visit his blog (he spent some time writing comments on my blogs, why not reward his efforts?)

And I did it, I visited his website, and here is what I saw:

Wow! This are some pieces of life-changing information, isn’t it?

Vishal must have discovered a revolutionary new way to create invisible FaceBook profiles. I read the whole blog posts, and realized that the trick is about this simple action:

hide facebook profile

Well, nothing wrong with that, but ALL his blog posts are just 300-word drafts. Drafts? Yeah, unedited drafts. This is the English he’s using:

This blog is write about Internet

Well, English is not my mother tongue, and I too make mistakes from time to time. And there is nothing wrong with making mistakes if you’re trying to deliver your unique information about something that you’ve created, something that you’ve discovered, something that… came to your mind while you were asleep.

But this type of blogs, as you, ladies and gentlemen, see,  is nothing more but yet another, ordinary, average, one billionth blog which has no chances to succeed.

Do you think, it makes me angry? Nope!

It makes me sad. Why?

Because every day people use their skills, knowledge (hi, Tai), their TIME (which is the most important asset) in order to do something – to write a blog post, to make a video, to do blog commenting).

And they even don’t understand that they will never succeed in this way.

Another example:

blog comment

Don’t lie to me!

Don’t dare to lie to me, you, spammer!

I clicked your nickname, I visited your website – that’s just another soulless paid WordPress themes reviewing website.

A backlink – this is what you needed from me, and this is what you won’t get (because I’m moving your comment to a SPAM folder).

But you got something important – a visitor. Yes, I clicked your link.

I could have subscribed to your newsletter, I could have read your story, I could have become your long-term follower, but I left your website without any action.

And you know why? Because it sucks!

The first point of this story, ladies and gentlemen, is that before you start promoting something, you have to create that something.

I mean, I am not afraid to leave a link to this blog somewhere on the Internet, because even though I don’t write these 5,000-word tutorials, I still believe that I post some pieces of valuable info, don’t I?

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