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By | August 6, 2016

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!

I consider myself the most responsive person on the planet, and today I’m happy to answer your questions, because it’s my job to serve you, it’s my privilege to help you!

I wanted to make a video version of this blog post, but I don’t mean to distrub this lady:

my baby is sleeping

Recently I got a message from Hannah:

I enjoyed reading your blogs. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome, Hannah!

I’m 29 years old and sometimes confused of what I really want in life.

Oh, it’s a common issue! A lot of people are drifting through life with no idea why they were born.

Finding your purpose in life is not easy. First off, I think you won’t regret if you spend your time watching “The Secret” movie:

And second of all, I recommend that you read “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything ” by Ken Robinson. It’s a short yet powerful book!

suddenly I realized that I love to travel, meet new people, know their culture…

If you were a man, probably, my answer would be anything like this:


But since you are a lady… Yes, it’s a nice dream! If you make money online, you can live wherever you want. There are a lot of programmers, bloggers, affiliate marketers who make money exclusively online! And you can too. You, Hannah, can too!

but the sad thing is the finances to cover up everything, my weakness is I don’t really know about saving money , just today I decided and make a commitment to myself that i will be now a minimalist, just get the things that I need not the things that I want.

I understand your problem, and I think I know how you can turn your weaknesses into strenghts.

Becoming a minimalist is not the best way to manage your budget.

Yes, I never buy things I don’t really need (and yes, I am a minimalist), but if you force yourself to spend less money, your subconscious mind gets this message:

i cannot afford it

So I think, it’s better to make more money rather than to spend less. But how? You wrote:

I don’t really know about saving money

That’s good!

Let’s kill two birds with one shoot!

Here is the 5-step formula for you:

1) Make a commitment to yourself to save at least 10% of your income;

2) Go to the bank;

3) Open a savings account;

4) Create a blog about saving money ( is free, by the way);

5) Share your experience on your blog to make money and cover your expenses while travelling.

Since you don’t really know about saving money, it’s time to learn. This is what you should learn, and these are the ideas for your future blog posts.

The title: How start savings money?

Even though I am on a low budget, today I made a commitment to myself to save 10% of my income. And this is how I am going to reduce my expences…

The second blog posts: How to find the closest bank to my location?

I think, you have no problems with writing this article.

The next: How to open a savings account?

The bank employee will provide you with the information in order to write this blog post.

What are the different types of savings account?

What is the minimum amount of money to open a savings account?

Documents required for savings account

What is a certificate of deposit?

…and so on

I can provide you with hundreds of ideas for your future blog posts.

You can save 50 dollars a month, but you can make thousands of dollars by telling people how you save money.

Personal finance is a very lucrative niche. You don’t need to be an expert, to establish yourself as an authority, or something. You see, I don’t call myself a guru, I post my personal photos, and people enjoy the way I make blog posts and videos.

A lady, who is not yet another stock market predictor, but who is learning how to save money in order to travel the world – yeah, it would be worth reading!

The truth is: if you had a blog with a few hundred daily readers, probably, you would be able to cover your expences while travelling…

It may sound crazy if you don’t understand how the things work.

In order to start a blog, go here.

In order to learn how the things work, keep reading my blog and go here.

I could go deeper in detailes, but I have another lady who wants something from me…

my daughter

2 thoughts on “Alex July Answers Your Questions!

  1. Abdulganiyu Onisachi

    am from Nigeria always read and watch your comments. I will like you guide me on how to become rich. Am graduate without job. I have a lot of funny videos. help to at least start earning something for my leaving.
    thank you

    1. Alex July Post author

      Abdulganiyu Onisachi, nice to see you here. Do you have a youtube channel? What exactly are you struggling with?


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