When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming an ordinary truck driver when I grew up. By chance, it happened that I became an online marketer. Here you can find a lot of useful information on building a successful online business, BUT

…before you take any advice from me,  take into consideration the following.

Throughout my online career which started in 2008 I’ve built over 50 projects, including blogs, YouTube channels, forum communities, Made For AdSense websites and so on. So I believe, I am quite competent to give advice.

In 2013, I got an offer to sell my primary website for $XXX,XXX and declined it. In a few months, “my baby” got completely and totally banned because of my stupid mistake.

I was smart and curious enough to discover bitcoins at a few dollars per 1 BTC. But I purchased my first and the only batch at $100 per 1 BTC. It was a smart decision, wasn’t it? I sold them at $200 each after a while… Hope you know that today 1 BTC is worth over $2,000.

Two times in my life I could have become financially independent, but I lacked self-discipline and long-term vision and ended up nearly broke.

I am an avid reader. In 2016 I’ve read over 50 books on psychology, motivation, self-development, but I still tend to procrastinate from time to time and suck at long-term planning.

I’ve read “The 4-Hour Workweek”, but I suck at outsourcing things.

So, on the one hand, I have a lot of experience and valuable thoughts to share. From the other hand, I’m complete loser and always ready to learn something new.

Honesty and transparency – this is what makes me different. What do I mean?

If I suck at something and lose my money, I don’t try to hide it and hasten to write a blog post so that you can learn from my experience and don’t make the same mistake (example).

From the other hand, if I say that A2 hosting is the best web hosting provider and its Turbo (Up To 20X Faster) technology makes me crazy, this means that this is my honest opinion.

So how can you benefit from my blog, and what’s it all about?

I truly believe that there is nothing new under the Sun and that there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

“If you do what other successful people do, nothing can stop you from eventually getting the same results they do”, Brian Tracy says.

And this is what my blog is about – learning from other people’s experiences, utilizing and improving their strategies.

Blogging, affiliate marketing, traffic generating, tips and tricks, success stories, inspiration, motivation – this is what you can expect from me and my blog.

I truly believe that one of the best ways to create a successful online business is to start a blog, and here is my guide on how to create a blog.

Already a successful online marketer? Here is the list of tools you need to succeed at every level.

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  1. Nassime

    Hello Alex, thanks for your sharing about your experiences that’s amazing !
    Continue like that you will grow up your success 😉


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