4 Powerful Tips To Pick A Profitable Niche And Blog For A Living

By | August 4, 2016

You are eager to pick a profitable niche for your blog. How do I know that? You’ve read my blog post about bloggers making millions of dollars from their blogs, and now you cannot sleep at night. Let me be your doctor!

What do experts say? Pick a niche in which you have great interest and you will succeed!“. What the crap!

With this approach, you can create a mediocre hobby project. Today I wanna share with you 4 surprisingly simple questions you must ask yourself before you even think of getting started. The answers will provide you with tons of ideas for your future successful online projects. Let’s go!

readingI am an avid learner, as you know, and I believe that the best way to learn is learning from… From what, how do think? What comes to your mind? From your unpleasant experience? Ha!

From… experts! From experts, of course! What can be easier? I read a lot of books, blogs, watch a lot of videos (some of them are crap, btw, but if a person is attractive and charismatic, I keep watching and leave a positive comment about his or her appearance).

Books are the best source of information. I read too much, to be honest. Like Bill Gates, I take reading vacations (one of us is the richest man in the world, the other is a fake, self-proclaimed guru, to be honest once more).

But as an extroverted person, I cannot stay at home for too long. That’s why from time to time I cut my beard and attend live events. Moreover, reading books is a bit outdated way to learn new technologies.

how to make money in russiaLast weekend, in order to see and to be seen, I attended an offline event for entrepreneurs in Saint-Petersburg about creating an offline business. Oh, running a business in Russia is crazy – tremendously profitable and extremely dangerous. It’s not for me, obviously. I have a video, by the way about making money in Russia...

“Excuse us for interrupting you, Mr. Alex July”, you may say. “But couldn’t you, please, shut your mouth, stop typing, think for a while, and then start sharing with us those 4 life-changing questions?”

Be patient! I’ve written this introduction so that you understand that these questions have not been invented by me. But these are the questions the brutal Russian businessmen driving armored Cadillacs ask themselves before they create another successful business.

As I mentioned previously “Write, tell, make videos about what you are passionate about” approach is nothing more, but a bunch of crap. Why? Because of your inability to make an adequate evaluation of competition, your skills, your products’ quality, the size of bribes to local government officials, and so on!

That is why you must ask yourself these four magic and tremendously powerful questions. And the first one is:

What product and services did I buy over the previous year?

pampersIt’s a smart question! While you’re digging in your memory, let me answer.

Let’s start with products.

As you know, I am a happy father of two amazing kids. Pampers, napkins, toys – this is what we buy on a regular basis. I wouldn’t say that I am pretty knowledgeable in this, but my wife is!

A camcorder for my youtube channel (I’m using it to make videos for my youtube channel).

Pocketbook – the book reader. I am so happy to live in a digital age. I remember I was a kid, it took more than one hour to reach the nearest library.

What is more interesting is that we bought a juicer, a blender, trays for growing wheatgrass and other stuff for a healthy living. Yeah, healthy living, especially healthy eating (I’m a bit lazy to exercise every day) changed my life. I drink a lot of raw juices and green smoothies – this is why I am so handsome and enthusiastic.

I’ve purchased a Hewlett-Packard notebook for my wife.

What about services? Not too much. Train tickets, utilities, the Internet services.

Nothing more comes to my mind…

Oh, I’ve forgotten! Online expenses! Web hosting, domain names! Yeah, it’s an important part of our family budget. I remember, I switched from ASmallOrange to A2 Hosting. I cannot tell you enough how happy I am! ASmallOrage works pretty well, but it was merely impossible to upload and edit files using FTP from my country. I switched to A2 Hosting and I do recommend this web hosting for your websites.

What’s more? Onlywire, Fiver gigs, and other services.

Can I create a blog about web hosting, SEO? I have already done it  smile

Do you see how many ideas came to my mind?

Can I create a blog or a youtube channel about parenting or caring? Oh yes, I have a lot of toys and other devices in my house. Moreover, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got a camcorder.

greens, saladJuicers? Blenders? Growing wheatgrass? I’ve spent so much time reading books and watching videos about a healthy lifestyle I feel if I were locked in an empty room with a pen and a notebook, I could be writing tips on improving your health until I starved to death. Or until someone (great he is!) stopped this stupid experiment.

A book reader and digital books? Oh, it’s another amazing niche. We’ve already been talking about making money by reading books. You remember my blog post about that guy who makes $100 a from reading books!  – Outstanding experience! Can you hear the noise? My brain is boiling! I must stop generating ideas.

I hope, you see that this question is a very powerful one. Feel free to share with me the ideas that come to your mind.

This question is easy to answer, isn’t it? Don’t you want to stop spending your days lying on the couch, feeling unhappy with who you are, and struggling to figure out what it is you are passionate about?

Let’s move to another question. It’s not less powerful. And here it is:

What product and services am I going to buy within the next 12 months?

Oh, it’s easy to answer.

I’m planning to buy Lamborghini Aventador, a penthouse in Trump Tower (yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot about emigrating to the US), what’s more? A private jet, an island, a chessboard to play chess with Barack (I heard he’s going to retire this year).

Surely you comprehend what I’m trying to say! If you’re thinking of buying something, that means, that you do a research, read articles, watch videos, ask your annoying neighbor about that inexpensive made-in-China lawn mower. You become an expert in things and services you’re planning to buy.

Question number 3.

What products and services…

Can guess the next part of this sentence? Come on! Turn on your mind…

Ok, here it is:

What products and services did my friends buy over the previous year?

This question surprised me a little bit when I heard it. But here is the point. My close friend bought her first car. In the country where I am from it’s a sign of wealth! I don’t owe a car (I don’t have a driver license either). Driving too much, by the way, leads to heart diseases and hemorrhoids.

You have a lot of friends. The strongest feelings of envy over the last 12 months – I hope, you can remember those fond memories…

And the last question. As you’ve already guessed,

What products and services are my friends planning to buy within the next 12 months?

I’m not going to go deep into details. In my country, it’s not accepted to share your plans. I remember, my friend was eight months pregnant, and we were talking about anything in the world, but not about her belly (she didn’t tell she was pregnant).

drone_pilot-300pxPeople don’t like to reveal their plans. That’s true. But you, my subscribers, are the creative ones, I know.

I have no doubts, some of you will buy a drone from Amazon and start spying on your neighbors in order to overhear a conversation about their future expenses.

It’s time to stop joking! I truly believe that the first question provides you with tons of ideas.

What’s next? Create a blog, apply for Amazon affiliate program (it’s free), and start sharing your experience in choosing, buying and using products and services you’ve bought or you’re just planning to buy. Don’t forget to build your email list using Aweber and put affiliate links in your messages and blog posts.

You know that by using the power of questions, you can actually shift your reality. Now your job is to answer them.

Let me share them with you once more:

What product and services did I buy over the previous year?

What product and services am I going to buy within the next 12 months?

What products and services did my friends buy over the previous year?

What products and services are my friends planning to buy within the next 12 months?

You and only you know the answers.

Don’t waste any time struggling with picking the best and the most profitable niche for your project.

You have the questions, your job is to find the answers.

If it’s not a secret, post a comment below, and let me know your answers, but you’d better keep your mouth shut. I got a feeling that we are being heard over…

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