This Is Why Your Blog Sucks! (and how to fix it)

By | January 2, 2018

I’m bored!

I’m so bored!

Do you wonder why? Because of your blogs!

I am an avid reader, as some of you know. For the last two years, I read more books than most of you did for your entire life.

But finally, I came to the realization that there is a huge problem with all these books, and that is No Feedback! You cannot send a message to Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and other gurus. Well, you can send a message, but you can’t get an answer.

And what’s even worse, they write about what has already happened… there is no process in books.

So I decided to add blogs to my reading list and started browsing. Pat Flynn and other guys making over $100k per month motivate a lot, but I prefer to follow average bloggers, who are still in the process of achieving financial independence. As for me, it’s more interesting and attractive!

And this is what I have found:

most blog suck

Hey, Alex, you might say. How dare? Who are you, then?

Well, I am your reader, your subscriber, your prospective buyer, so I believe, I have the right to have and share my own opinion! Moreover, to share with you some tips how to fix this issue!

You need some examples in order to better understand why I’m bored and what I’m talking about, don’t you? Here is what I mean.

How does it usually happen?

You browse the Web in order to learn how to make money online. You realize that there are some “get rich quick schemes”, and finally you stumble upon Smart Passive Income or other blog making tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars.

So you get inspired, motivated and start another blog on “how to make money online”.

Rare-rare people blog just for fun, we all want to make more money, don’t we? And there is nothing wrong with that!

For example, Susan. She’s a talented WordPress developer, and her dream is to turn herself from being a freelancer into a position of an entrepreneur. And that’s great!

This is what she writes about herself:

To tell you the truth, I only started in this niche because this is what I have expertise in. WordPress is my bread and butter and I’ve been working with it for over 8 years.

Are you getting it? She’s been working with WordPress for over 8 years, and a year ago she started a blog about WordPress.

What does every second beginner blogger do? He starts yet another, 1,013.581st blog about WordPress. And he keeps publishing blog posts like “How To Install WordPress?“, “5 Best SEO Plugins For Your WordPress Blog!

While WordPress is great, worth being discussed software, I have a question. Do you really think that this world needs yet another 45,667th opinion on how to install WordPress? And yet another 89,783rd blog post on best SEO plugins for WordPress?

Well, if you’ve been installing WordPress, and something ridiculously interesting happened (say, you’ve discovered a way to hack any WordPress website), in this case, I believe there is no need to stay away from writing a blog post. Without any effort, it will go viral, just post it on Reddit!

But what thousands of beginner bloggers do is they write (no, they rewrite) this commonly-known information, and what is really sad, they don’t even realize that their blog posts will never be shared or cited.

To make a living from their blog – this is what every single blogger is striving for. On Susan’s blog I’ve found an interesting (and motivational) equation. Here it is:

pageviews bloggingSomeone once did this these calculations.

So, you need 100,000 pageviews per month, right? Maybe more, maybe less, depending on your goals (you write down your goals, don’t you?)

And you publish, publish, publish like crazy (because you’ve heard about the power of persistence). But miracles do not happen. Your blog gets only 800 pageviews per month and you make one occasional sale bringing to your pocket as much as $65.

So, you learn some SEO tricks, buy backlinks, publish guest posts, but miracles do not happen again.

And you know why?

Because your content is not link-worthy – it’s not shareable. Your blog sucks!

People don’t care about your way to install WordPress and your plugins for WordPress.

If you were a professional blogger making over $10,000 per month, the same blog posts could go viral. But if you are a beginner… you have to change your blogging strategy a little bit. And this is how:

ideas for blogging

Are you getting it? If you’re just starting out, don’t teach me! Don’t post something like “You have to promote your website in search engines”. Forget about the word you. Instead of it use the word I. For example “I’ve been promoting my website in search engines and this is what I‘ve learned”.

“This life-changing course is designed especially for you, and will help you” – WRONG!

I tried it, and it helped me a lot” – CORRECT!

So, what’s my point here? Your experience – this is what matters?

A blog, after all, is a way to tell/write stories. So tell me your stories with these magic words and phrases:

I, my, to me, for me, myself, my experience.

The problem here though is that you probably don’t have a lot of experience, and simply don’t know what to tell and what to write about.

Let me share with you how I apply this technique. A few years ago I heard about an easy way to make money with Fiverr, gave it a try, failed (oh, I failed so many times in my life) and published this report – How I Wanted To Make Easy Money With Fiverr and ClickBank.

At that time my English was not perfect (it’s not perfect today either), but that report is worth sharing.

Another example. We all need more traffic. Here is a blog post by Vishwajeet Kumar on Free Traffic Generation Methods That Work.

Vishwajeet(let me know if this is your name or surname), let’s be honest. There is nothing new in that blog post, we all have heard about blog commenting, forum posting, social media, and SEO.

Hey, Vishwajeet, why instead of rewriting that info, you didn’t publish a short overview of how you apply these techniques in your blogging effort, how much visitors every method bring to your blog? Yes, it would have taken much more time, but you could have published a more shareable blog post.

(sorry bro for being rude, but at least you got a free backlink)

What about this blog post – the one you’re reading right now?

I could write something like “5 ways to create viral content”, “7 best ways to create a popular blog”, but instead of that (and maybe this is the reason why you’re still reading this) I just shared with you what came to my mind. And this blogs post has more chances to be cited, shared, hated or liked.

No emotions, no processes, no experiments, no conclusions – this is why most blog suck.

Only tips, tricks, techniques and “how-to” es.

All big bloggers write about “I, me, my”, not about “You, your”.

I need your story, I need your emotions, I need your “Today I invested $100 in Facebook ads, and it brought me only one subscriber, I’m a loser” or “This is how I made $15,000 with my blog last month and how you can too” and so on!

Love you all, guys.

2 thoughts on “This Is Why Your Blog Sucks! (and how to fix it)


    Greeting Alex!
    thanks for writing just great article I’ll try to follow your strategies. You’re doing awesome work.
    I’ve bookmarked your blog

  2. Amit Gurav

    Hi Alex,

    I am completely agree with you most of the blog on internet is completely useless and boring to read. They lack of emotions and engagement – and that’s the biggest reason people fail in blogging. Thanks for sharing amazing tips.


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